I’ve always wanted to be “environmentally friendly” but never really practice it.

I was never really conscious of my actions, from shopping at the mall to buying stuff at pasar malam (night market). I do it like everybody else here, the practice was a norm. My only effort was to say no to plastic, which I occasionally do until my friend gave me this awesome zippable bag as an “ole-ole” from Australia. The best thing I’ve ever got. Thanks, bro!

Since having that bag, I was more conscious of my plastic bag usage. I could say “no” to plastic bag almost everytime. And I realize how much plastic that I said “no” to. It was A LOT! But that was the only thing I thought I could do (apart from recycling). Then one day, I saw this video:

Ain’t she great? I never thought that was ever possible! I was totally mind blown and I thought, I want to do this. But, I always put it on hold because I didn’t have the sense of urgency. And then, a few days later, I saw this video:

Find out what evidence there is of plastics inside marine species found on menus

How crazy is it? Our foods contain plastic! Our shampoos, our bath soaps, our facial cleanser… There are so many ‘hidden’ plastics in our daily use, but most of us (me included), we don’t even bother to handle the obvious ones. If you haven’t done this, let’s stop for a moment and decide to be a citizen that gives a fuck, and do it (at least, step by step).

So, were you aware of the #zerowaste lifestyle? What are the “eco-friendly” practices you do in your everyday life?


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