The Mary Kay brand is on the rise again in Malaysia, and a lot of ladies are curious about the business and the product. Who better to tell yall than a former Mary Kay BEAUTY CONSULTANT!

YES, I SIGNED UP! To explain the reasons why i left, I have to tell the story from the very beginning. I’ll try to make it short.

So in the second quarter of 2017, I had this idea that most successful women are well-groomed and are gorgeous. They teach other girls to be beautiful as well. So I did a lot of googling on grooming and I had the idea that it would be awesome if I could be a personal stylist since I do know how to take care of my face and I do have a good sense of style (eheh). One day, I saw a Facebook friend posted about her skin care class and she was a beauty consultant. Aha! I went for it and had fun at the class. I was impressed by a couple of the products.

Reason #1: Recruiting

So the next days she followed up with me and asked if I wanted to join. I was reluctant, but I was interested. So I said yes, but I didn’t have any money at the time to pay her. Well, no extra money to spare. So she paid it forward and registered me without telling me (until after it was done). I wanted to keep it positive, maybe she was trying to help me. So I just let it slip and paid her back. I had to dig around to get the money. Now, after a few meetings, I learn that paying forward was their tactic because they need to recruit to move up. In all honestly, I really could’ve used the money for something else or she should’ve at least informed me before paying on my behalf.

Reason #2: Purchases

I was naive to think that the starter kit was the only thing I needed to get the business started. In the end, we had to commit to about RM600 per month of product purchase to keep our points and our status active. That is the least. Of course, like any traditional business, this requires the consultant to sell the products that we buy. The profit margin is around 30-40%. But, the first couple of months I was buying products for my skin care class. In total, I’ve spent almost RM2K and made a loss of about RM600, maybe more because half of the products are not even suitable for me to use.

Reason #3: Selling

It is hard to sell the product because 1. Other people are already selling it. 2. I don’t really have a lot of friends or family members to promote it to (who can easily afford it) 3. You can’t promote it online and create ads 4. A lot of other consultants lowers the price as low as to no profit.

Reason #4: Culture

When I joined Mary Kay, one of the things that I admire the most is their values or culture, which are The Golden Rules, Go Give Spirit, Balanced Priorities, and Make Me Feel Important. They are all great philosophies, but this isn’t the ideal world. As I mentioned above, a lot of consultants aren’t playing it fair, but the company structure makes it really hard to be fair too. Another thing that ticks me off is their obsession with makeup and formalities. Now, if you know me long, you’d know that I prefer a natural look and I do not agree that women need to wear makeup all the time. I find that it was offending when they acted as if a lady were less of a woman if she doesn’t put her makeup on, and had to wear skirts on any Mary Kay events. It’s 2017 ladies, we don’t need skirts to be feminine! Again, as point #1, just like any other MLMs, the desperation to recruit causes scam-like tactics or “strategies”.

Reason #5: Products

Now, when I first got the starter kit, I started using only 3 products. They definitely make my skin glow brighter, for real. But as I added more and more product to my routine, and swap them with my previous routine, my skin began to lose the glow. Another thing that made me lose confidence in the products are the feedbacks from our group’s Whatsapp. Some customers actually had reactions and the leaders will advise to keep using the product till their skin “revives”, give it 2-3 months. Now, you should know that Mary Kay has a 90-day Moneyback Guarantee. If that person uses the product for 3 months and nothing happens, she won’t get her money back.

I get that it may take time to heal our skin, and the first couple of weeks your skin may “react” as it is getting used to the new product, but 3 months is just really long especially without any signs of improvements. Some customers do claim that their skin improved after a couple of months. I used all-MK products for 5 months, and it just gets worse.

It is really important to clarify that I still use a few of MK products and these are the best, no comparison to drugstore stuff. I’ll write that in another post.

So, Should You Do the Mary Kay business?

I got no issue with my leaders (except for the recruiting part) and maybe the difference in opinions. They are very successful in the business, they have gone on a lot of trips and earned the pink car. So if you would like to go for this business, I suggest that you go all in. Which means you gotta be really brave to ask everyone, to promote it everywhere. You gotta sell on Facebook, Instagram, offline. You gotta spend time doing tutorials and live videos. You focus on selling the products (if you do believe in it) and the skin care class second.

But if you’re not a people person or have a hard time convincing anyone to buy anything from you, I suggest you stick to being a member or a customer. Hehe. No offense, but I hope this will be helpful for those of you who are considering to join the business, and for the MaryKay administrations and current consultants to improve their ways of doing business.



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