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It means the world to me that you’re here, now, reading this or any posts on the blog. You might wonder who is this Sarah Razi. That’s me. Let me officially introduce myself. I am an Architecture graduate, a designer by heart, but has always been passionate (obsessed, even) about Nutrition and Health. I recently learned that there’s a word to describe people like me – Hypochondriac.


[hahy-puhkon-dree-ak] adjective

an excessive preoccupation with and worry about one’s health

I know, how did I come to that, ey? Since I was a toddler,  I’ve always been known as the fat kid. In primary school, they even called me “Donut”. I never felt depressed or sad though, because I thought I was okay. I remember precisely when I was in Standard 3, I weigh at 38kg. A year later I was in the 40’s, in Standard 5 I went up to the 50’s. It only started to freak me out when I nearly reach the 70s at the end of my 12-year-old of life. That was very alarming even for a tall kid, I was about 160cm.

Me when i was 9 or 10.

I was in Standard 3, I weigh at 38kg. A year later I was in the 40’s, in Standard 5 I went up to the 50’s. It only started to freak me out when I nearly reach the 70s

So in high school when I stopped getting taller, I had to stop getting heavier. I’ve always been active, but when I started playing basketball in high school, we trained really hard and I started to lose the weight. While at that, I developed the interest in nutrition and fitness and subscribed to all the health sites.

After high school, I’ve gained weight twice – in university (The freshman 15) and after I got married (this was the worst!). I reached 75kg at 164cm, and I was constantly sick, tired, hungry and sad. I have back and pelvic pain so I couldn’t exercise like I did, to lose the weight. This is when my hypochondria submerged.

I was really honestly scared. I know how it is to feel helpless and doomed to obesity. But here I am, today, one year later from that 75kg, I am now at 64kg. 10kgs lost in about 8 months. And via this blog, I want to share my knowledge with you, because I know that a lot of people out there is crying out for help, and I can help you!

I want to help you to take control and choose to be healthy and happy. I want to show you that there are ways if you are clueless about where to start. I want to help you fight obesity and avoid health complications that come along with it. I want you to be safe from the financial crisis due to high medical expenses. But the only way I can help you, or anyone to help you, is for you to want to help yourself first. I am so happy if you have decided to make positive changes in your life.

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  1. As mentioned above, I am a designer by heart. Most of my works are websites. I have compiled a portfolio of my best jobs here. Do check them out, who knows, if you like them maybe we can work together sometime 

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