I am a big fan of James Clear, and I got this annual review from his blog, and I think it is a great idea for me to start documenting mine. You can see his post here.

I am super nervous to step into the new year, because man, I feel like there’s still a lot of things I have not achieved. Speaking of, I would like to start out by listing the things that went wrong for me this year.

1. What didn’t go well

I would say I was in the position where “situation” always gets in the way. The number 1 bummer for this year was that I did not get to publish the 2018 EverydayPlanners design which is my 2017 Goal#2. I was preoccupied with some other businesses that I was trying to do because I couldn’t sustain a monthly profit from EP. So I tried two things – firstly, Unit trust. I was pumped up the first few weeks when I joined. But then, the momentum crush because my upline was not able to give me proper training. So I slowed down and thankfully we had some website jobs coming in. Then in May, I accidentally joined Mary Kay. You can read the whole Mary Kay story HERE. So yeah, my time was pretty much filled with those businesses and unfortunately, they weren’t for me. But hey, at least I’ve tried.

Since business didn’t go so well this year, it affected my 2017 Goal#3 which is to get financial stability. I realized that I am not driven by money unless I need to use it. But I know that money can make the world go round. I can help people. And to invest for growth requires money.

Another horrible thing was, by January, I realized I got really overweight. I freaked out. And in desperation, I purchased a weight loss pill. It was endorsed by this famous celebrity and entrepreneur, so I thought, hey, this must be legit. Unfortunately, I got really really sick after only 4 days. It was horrible. I will write about that here. The sickness cost me 2 weeks to recover, and because of that, I lose a job and reputation to this nice and generous client.

Other bad incidents:

  • Facebook Ads went wrong for a dropship business attempt (my page got flagged)
  • Slipped my phone into the deep sea of Krabi Island
  • Encounter this client who gave me anxieties. Thank god I didn’t sign a contract.
  • Had to move out of our cozy apartment and the new place is too big for us.
  • Had an eye infection that cost a modeling job!


2. What went well

In January, the 2017 EverydayPlanners was sold out. Really happy about that. And I got a lot of positive reviews from customers. Some are even requesting to continue for the 2018 planner.

I also had the opportunity to model for a couple of photoshoots even though I was not able to attend the fashion show. So yay, I have more jobs to add to my portfolio.

In April we went for a getaway trip to Pulau Perhentian. My husband bought me the Vivo V5+ phone the same month (yes, this later fell into the sea)(I replaced it with a lower spec Vivo ). We also went to Melaka for Skytrex at the end of the month. In October, we went to Krabi! That’s three trips checked-off my bucket list!

While I ventured into the CWA and MaryKay business, I did not forget to take up new skills and tricks. I learned a lot! Prospecting, Delivering classes, Make-up, Skincare etc. I did close some cases too.

The best thing is that I regain control of my health. It definitely took a lot of time researching and trying, I also purposely made small and steady changes because I wanted it to be natural and less likely to crash. I changed my diet, lose a lot of weight, improved my sleep cycle, and also found the right routines for my skin and hair.

I figured out that my passion is in nutrition, wellness, and the environment! So I decided to create this blog. I have a vision, and I hope they are prominent enough to fight my uncertainties about my own abilities. I am really excited and nervous!

Other good stuff:

  • Got my first Minaz dress
  • Volunteered with SIS
  • Track my food intolerance and on my way to solve my digestive issues
  • Learned that I am an INFJ and is confident with myself
  • I discovered Gary Vee and Suria Sparks which are two great role models
  • Decided to go for the person that I want to be vs. the person people expect me to be


3. What I look forward to

Before I wrote this blog, I was really freaking out because I really felt like I did not achieve anything big. Even though I heard Gary Vee’s advice that we should be patient in our 20s and not expect sudden success, I still felt like a loser, like I’m not good enough.

Yes, I could be better, definitely. But I also notice that while I tried and fail in businesses, I did progress a lot on the personal level. Am I a better person than 2016? Yeah, I pretty much think so  I have a clear vision, I know what to execute, I have better skills.

So in 2018, my goals are to focus on expanding my skills:

  1. Finish my advance diploma course
  2. Explore and grow my skills in basic video editing
  3. Study business structure based on Anarchism
  4. Work and collaborate with other brands
  5. Go minimal, make money, less hassle, more hustle!

The first 3 things will prepare me for the next 2 things. I’ll need to squeeze everything else in between, but these are going to be my priorities.

Now, to be realistic, I need to sustain my RM1000 monthly lifestyle while doing any of the above. And I would also need to save more money for a home, and for our future family. My target income is RM5000 per month. How am I going to do it? Let’s look at my revenue streams:

  1. My WAR program (passive)
  2. My Blog (passive)
  3. My Brand Collaborations (active)

With all these laid out and simplified, I hope I will be able to tick them all. And I hope this will inspire you to plan and live up your 2018 as well. May the force be with us!


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